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How do I delete cookies that have already been set in Mozilla Firefox
Last Updated a year ago

- Click on the lock symbol on the left of the website address and select the option "Delete cookies and website data ..." (Screenshot FF-Cookies-löschen-1-1.jpg).
- In the pop-up window that opens, select the website and click the "Remove" button (Screenshot FF-Cookies-löschen-1-2.jpg)

- Click on the "History, Bookmarks and more ..." symbol on the right of the website address, select the "History" option (Screenshot FF-Cookies-löschen-2-1.jpg)
- Then select the option "Delete latest history ..." (Screenshot FF-Cookies-löschen-2-2.jpg)
- In the pop-up window that opens, activate the checkbox for "Cookies" (if not active) and click on the "Delete now" button (Screenshot FF-Cookies-löschen-2-3.jpg)

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